About Us

Purrfect Cat Boarding strives to provide spacious, clean, and comfortable accommodations for your cat, while you are away from home. Offering your cat a home away from home and you a peace of mind when you are away on vacay.

We provide day to day boarding services and one-on-one attention to all our guests.

Our Story

Purrfect Cat Boarding started because as a cat owner, we found that it was very difficult to find good solution for our cats while we were away.

We wanted our cats to remain comfortable like at home but without surrendering our privacy to a cat sitter who came in once a day for 15min to feed them (who knows if they are here for the full 15min).

We also wanted an option that was still in close proximity to Vancouver, so we didn't have to drive an hour outside the city to pick them up after a long flight and being jetlagged.

Any place we found that was acceptable was a long drive and that felt like the end of the world with traffic, places within a reasonable range was not acceptable, and made me feel terrible that I was leaving my kitties in a cell, while I was out having fun.

We can't possibly be the only ones with this problem.

We started Purrfect Cat Boarding to provide this solution to other cat owners in Vancouver.