What is including in basic boarding?

Our cat boarding service includes:

  • Private suite for your purr baby
  • daily litter box cleaning
  • daily meal services, clean dishes and fresh water 
  • daily access to our Central Purr play area *
  • personal attention to your purr baby
  • * cats have to be receiptive to us handling them and returning them back to their suite when time comes

In a nutshell, what do we need to board our cat: 

  • proof of current vaccination (FVRCP/Rabies), flea medication effective for their stay and nails trimmed
  • carrier or leash
  • food, enough for the duration of your stay and some extra
  • bedding, blanket, toys or any other favorite personal item(s), items must fit in the suite they are staying in. Please limit to bringing only 1 or 2 items. Please do not bring excessive items that will make it difficult for us to keep the suites clean. Kindly note we are not responsible for any lost items.

We provide: litter box / litter, food dishes, treats and lots of love! We also have a few cat beds, towels, toys, as back up on hand just in case.

Do you provide grooming and nail trimming service?

We do not provide any grooming services including bathing, haircut, nail trimmings, ear cleaning etc, at this time.

We can brush your cat's hair every few days if you provide a brush and if your cat is willing.

If we find that your cat has soiled him/herself while going to the potty, we will try to clean the area, provided that your cat is not resisting too much or becomes aggressive. We do not want to add additional stress to your cat during their stay.

My cat is an indoor cat and doesn't have any fleas, do we still need to have flea prevention for boarding?

We ask for flea prevention, not because your cat has fleas, it's actually so your cat won't bring any fleas home to you. It is for our benefit as much as it is for yours.

While we keep our facility as clean as possible and ask that all shoes are removed at the door, it is simply not possible to say that no fleas will make its way into our hotel. Because we are a boarding facility, the frequency of animals and people coming in and out is much higher than at a private home, this increases the chance that a flea may hitchhike on an animal, or people and make their way in. Contrary to the assumption that fleas are usually found on fur or carpets, fleas can actually be anywhere. Having your cat on flea medication that is effective for the duration of their say with us, ensures that the fleas do not survive to reproduce, causing a possible infestation and possibly contaminating your home.

Do we have to trim my cat's nails?

Yes, please trim your cat's nails before right before check in. A cats nails grows back in about two weeks, so it's best to trim them right before check in. This is to keep our staff as well as other fellow cat guests injury free.

While your cat may not scratch at home, please understand that this is a new place, with cats and we are new people. A cat will exhibit behavior that is usually different then at home, especially during the first 48hours they are with us.

Hiding, hissing and even a sharp slap with claws out, is actually a common behavior, until they realize that we mean no harm. To prevent our staff from getting a bloody hand, just because we need to grab the food dish, we kindly ask that you respect our policy and trim your cat's nails.

Secondly, because we are a boarding facility and there are other cats boarding at the same time, there may be cat encounters, whether we want them or not. While we monitor and try to control all cat encounters, a cat may dart out of the room, while another cat is out. And there maybe an unwanted confrontation, if this happens, it is a peace of mind for both parties to know that the cats are not equipped with 5 sharp razer blades on each paw.

Don't worry, even with their nails trimmed, they can still defend themselves, ward off any unwanted attention and climb the cat towers etc.

Do my cats get any time out of their suites?

Cats who are receptive are given access to roam and play at least once a day. We do let out cats in groups (as long as they are comfortable with other cats) so they can get more time to roam and play, however if your cat is not receptive but is not comfortable with other cats, they may choose to stay in their rooms, or we will find time to let him/her out privately.

We understand that as cat parents, you want your purr baby to come out and play during the time you are away on holiday. However please understand that coming out to roam around may not be what your cat wants to do. For some cats, not coming out, or not socializing with other cats, may actually be more relaxing and comfortable for them. We respect that and give them their space.


Do we get updates during our cat's stay?

We will send you updates every few days, during your cat's stay with us. We may send more frequent updates in the beginning to ease your mind, we understand that it's hard leaving your purrbaby. We also send more updates which includes photos and videos if your cat is more active and we have more content to send. Our preferred method of updates is actually via whatsapp, this allow us to send photos and videos freely. Emails and text have more limitations and we aren't' able to send videos due to file size. Please understand that we have many cats to care for and it's hard to update every day or reply to you immediately, but rest assured that we are here and will reply as soon as we can.


Facility Tours: Can we come to see your place before making the booking? 

*due to COVID19, tours are on pause till further notice to reduce the amount of traffic in the facility. Thank you for your understanding

Can I, my friend or relative visit my cat during their stay?

For the comfort and privacy of all guests (cats) staying with us, please refrain from sending visitors to visit your cat during their stay with us. Some of our guests are very sensitive and having an extra person in the room will make them feel uncomfortable. In addition visits, effect the daily routine of the cats and cut into their free roaming time, as we need to have all cats in their suite during your visit. If all the cats had visitors, we would have no free time for them to come out. It is also for these reason, why we control the facility tours and all check ins and check outs are by appointment only. Exceptions can be made based on individual case. We have our guests comfort as our priority, your understanding is appreciated.

What happens at check in?

When you and your purrbaby arrives at our facility, you are introduced to the room that your cat will be staying in. We go through the checklist to make sure all is done. We also confirm the check out date and time, mode of contact for updates as well as any feeding instructions etc. After all the paperwork is done and before you let your cat out of the carrier, it is best to set up personal belongings, such as beds, towels/blankets etc. Once that is done, we will ask you to take or let your cat out of the carrier close to the room. From our experience, we like to introduce the cat to their room first and have them stay in for the first day or so. This way the cat understands that this is their room/ their territory, this is all they need to protect. If your cat wanders out, that is ok but we will ask you to help us put him /her back in their room when it's time. We typically refrain from holding or picking up the cat initially, because we are new to them and so is the facility. Handling the cat at this delicate stage, can stress them out and it makes it hard to build trust moving on.