Cat Boarding Vs Cat Sitter

As a cat parent, it has never been easy to leave your pets while you are on vacation. Deciding what to do for your cats while you are away is a big decision, because I am sure like me, you love your fur babies and want to make sure they are comfortable and happy while you are away.  Usually you come to the following options:

1. Leave your cat home alone with gravity feeders:

  • may work if you are only going way for one over night. We do not recommend this option for longer absences
  • your cat may be very stressed by the absence of people
  • litter box not being used (due to stress) he/she may make a mess around the house
  • safety for the cats, since they may get stuck, or worst ingest a foreign matter

2. Ask a friend or relative to help:

  • isn't always an option if you are new in town
  • your friends or relatives already have pets
  • of course you may also have friends or relatives that can't take your cat in at all
  • if you just don't want to ask for the favor

3. Daily visit from Cat sitters :

  • Privacy issue, I think many are weary of handing the keys to your home to a stranger, despite being bonded and insured, this doesn't stop them from opening your drawers or going through your belongings
  • can it be trusted they will be there for the visit to feed AND interact with your cat?
  • for many cats a 30min visit per day is not enough companionship time and your cat may be in distress.
  • due to the short visit, it is hard to spot any behavior changes to your cat if any occur.

4. Traditional kennels/ vet clinic:

  • not cat only
  • kennel is usually too small for a cat to be happy, usually they are not allowed out to roam around
  • busy, high traffic noisy atmosphere, causes additional stress to your cat
  • you wouldn't stay at a hospital when you need a place to crash, and neither should your cat
  • cats seldom if ever get any one on one time

5. Purrfect Cat boarding:

  • larger and varied room options for your cats to move around
  • natural light and window view
  • quiet environment
  • spacious play area
  • daily TLC for each cat
  • well ventilated
  • clean and odor free

Choose Purrfect Cat boarding because we are all the above, PLUS

  • we offer one of the largest rooms in Vancouver core
  • we are only 10 min drive from Vancouver Downtown, 26min from Richmond and 24min from Burnaby
  • we offer cat pick up and drop off service
  • the owner is a cat lover and owner with over 30 years of cat experience (She as 3 cats right now and is borderline¬†cat lady )
  • lots of TLC