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Utlimate Comfort Away from Home

Our Cat Hotel is located on the second floor of the building, our spacious 1, 000 square feet cat only boarding facility is climate controlled all year, air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter; features large front facing windows, offering our feline guests a tree lined view of the city below, while sunbathing in private comfort.


You won’t find any cages or kennels here, each cat will be housed in its own custom designed, 3ft x 5ft full height (width of a door, depth of a small walk in closet), private accommodation. In addition we also have the Central Purr, a play area with cat trees, cat perches, hammocks/bridges and shelves on the wall for our guests to roam and stretch their legs out during the day.

We strive to provide everything your cat needs to call home during their stay with us!


One-on-one attention for our Feline Guests

The following services are included standard for all our guests:

– meal service up to 2 times a day (depending on preference)*

– access to out-of-room play time in the Central Purr each day**

– housekeeping service 2 times a day (litter box cleaning)

- snacks if permitted

* to reduce stress and for the  health of our feline guests, we require that all guest bring their own food when staying with us
** cats will need to be receptive to us and allows us to handle them to return to their rooms

Additional Service Available

The following service are also available if required:

-  cat food purchase (food cost + trip cost)

-  pick-up or drop-off service, pricing depends on location, please contact us for more details

-  for other custom service, please contact us. We have done airport pickups, collecting cats flown from overseas by animal carriers etc.


Contact us for more information!