Purrfect Cat Boarding & COVID 19
To ensure the health and safety of both our guests and staff. We kindly ask all purrbaby parents to kindly adhere to the following:
- Max of 2 people per visit/pick up or drop off
- Wear a mask or face covering upon arrival
- Sanitize your hands 
- respect social distance, kindly keep at least 2 meters apart
 - Please do not enter our premise if you:

  • if you have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19
  • have been been told to isolate by Public Health
  • Are displaying any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Loss of sense of smell or taste
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Sore Throat
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Extreme fatigue or tiredness
    • Body Aches or headache
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

Let's try to protect everyone so we all stay healthy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

**** **** For Existing customers with their cat profile set up with us: Please note that the cut off time for bookings from existing customers would be around 48hours, before check in.

****For all new customers: We kindly ask that you start your booking at least a week in advance (subject to availability). We need this time to set up your cat profile with us, complete all paperwork and for you to obtain necessary vaccination/records from your vet etc.

****Min 3 night per booking is required. ****


*Below is a brief summary of our policy, for more details please refer to the Service Terms & Conditions you receive at time of booking.

For the comfort and health of all our cat guests we require that all guests staying with us comply to the following:


All cats must be up to date with current vaccination. You must provide the vaccination certificates (includes Your information, your cat's information, your vets information, the date vaccination was applied and when it expires/next one is due) as well as any other relevant information regarding your cat(s). Proof of vaccination must be submitted by email BEFORE the cat's arrival to Purrfect Cat Boarding.

  • FVRCP(upper respiratory infections): In special cases of compromised immune systems or other issues, a vet letter/consult is required.
  • Rabies:
    • Indoor cats: Who do not wish to remain up to date in their rabies vaccine. Must have at least 2 rabies consecutive course of shot in their lifetime
    • Outdoor cats: Must be up-to-date in the rabies vaccination

* We reserve the right to refuse service and admission to any guests who appear unwell or thought to be suffering from any illness or infectious disease.


Guests with health conditions:

We welcome all cats, including those who are diagnosed with illness that are transmittable (not airborne), but are otherwise healthy to board with us. In order to maintain a safe environment for all cats who are boarding, we do ask that cats with transmittable health condition stay in their room for the duration of their stay.

Please indicate your cat's health condition at the time of booking; so we can be sure that we are able to provide the care your cat needs.


All guests MUST be flea free and be on a monthly flea prevention (vet prescribed), effective during their stay with us.

With respect to our other guests, if we detect any signs of fleas, they will be treated on site, you will be responsible for the cost of medication and our trip to the vet.

*Please note that vaccination and flea medication requirements are there for the protection of your cat. Kindly ensure that these requirements are met and are updated prior to check-in or they will be declined for their stay. Current vet papers or receipts/invoice showing the purchase of Flea Prevention is required.

Health and stress level & medication:

Staying away from home can be stressful for some cats, we aim to minimize any stress for your cat during their stay with us. This includes any unwanted handling, administering of any medication etc.

Please let us know if your cat is on any medication when you enquire, we need to understand your cat's temperament in order to assess if we are able to administer you cat's medication and if we are a good fit for your cat. Medication is not part of our usual service, we also have limited space for cats with medication needs.

We reserve the right to decline boarding for any cat(s) who arrive at check-in with medication that was not previously mentioned/approved or who's health condition change resulting a need for medication.

Hair and cleaning:

Guests can be brushed (if guests cooperates); we do not bath, groom or do any nail cuttings; if necessary we will perform area cleaning(if guests cooperates) in case they soil themselves.


For the safety of our staff and other guests, we kindly ask all guests have their nails clipped short before checking in. If you have trouble trimming your cat's nails, a groomer or your vet can help. Please note that cats nails grow continuously just like ours, please have your cat's nails trimmed just before check in so they remain relatively short for their stay.

Spayed/ Neutered:

All guests 6 months or older, must be spayed or neutered in order to access the common area for free time.


Guests are to bring their own food to prevent any gastrointestinal issues that switching food may cause. Please bring enough food and some extra for the duration of the stay, extra food will be charged per day as per our price list.

Guests on a Raw food diet are asked to check with our staff to make sure we have space in the freezer. We also ask that you bring a non-raw alternative as a back up, since raw food diet is more sensitive and cannot be left out.


All guest are to arrive on a leash or in a clean and secure kennel, this will decrease the stress involved and provide a safe transportation.

What is needed:

  • proof of current vaccination and flea medication, to be provided for confirmation 48hrs before check in
  • carrier or leash
  • food, enough for the duration of your stay and some extra
  • bedding, blanket, toys or any other favorite personal item(s), items must fit in the suite they are staying in. Please limit to bringing only 2 or 3 items. Please do not bring excessive items that will make it difficult for us to keep the suites clean. Kindly note we are not responsible for any lost items.

* kindly understand for the health of other guest, should we find that upon check-in your cat does not meet our policy we reserve the right to refuse service until policy is met, any paid portion will not be refunded.

Booking Estimate:

Upon your booking request a quotation will be sent to outline the fees of our basic boarding service based on the dates requested. Usually, extra service such as medication, or vet visitation fees etc. are not included in this basic quotation, unless otherwise indicated.

Payment and Securing your reservation:

Full payment is due at the time of booking to confirm reservations if the length of stay is 7 nights or less. A deposit of 50% of the cost of the entire stay is required to confirm your reservation if Guest(s) are staying 8 nights or longer.

Reservations are not confirmed till both payment and signed Service Terms & Conditions document is received.

Balance payment is due 14 days before guests check-in.

If booking is made less than 2 weeks prior to check-in date, full payment is required to confirm the booking.

Payment Method:

Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer; this is secure, quick, easy and convenient. You can set this up on your online banking profile, or someone at the bank can help you set it up.


If cancellation occurs:

  • 60 days prior to check -in date (exclusive, ie if check in date is July 31st, 60 days prior would be June 1st or before):
    • Full refund of paid portion if booking is completely cancelled (subject to a $5 admin fee)
    • Shortening of boarding period and change of booking dates is permitted, but subject to availability
  • 59 – 30 days before check-in date (exclusive, ie if check in date is July 31st, then 40 days prior would be June 21st):
    • Cancellation fee of $50 or 50% of the paid portion (deposit) whichever is higher, capped at $150 per booking. The remaining balance of paid portion will be refunded as Credit on Account for future bookings.
    • No refunds/credits/transfers for any changes/shortening of the booking (changes to total number of night stay).
  • 29 -15 days before check-in date(exclusive, ie if check in date is July 31st, then 20 days prior would be July 11th):
    • No refunds/credits/transfer for any changes/shortening (changes to total number of nights stay) of the booking. Deposit amount is forfeited in the case the entire booking is cancelled and any remaining balance of paid portion will be refunded in the form of Credit on Account.

No Refunds/Credits/Changes once we fall within 14 days before check in and once boarding has commenced. 


We are open for guests check ins and check outs in the afternoon between 12-5pm, by appointments only, with the last appointment time around 4:30pm. Please come at your appointed time. Please book your cat for an extra night if you cannot make it between those times.

**** We apologize in advance that we are unable to make any exception for check ins/check outs outside of our appointment window. We do the feeding/cleaning before and after this time frame. The cat's staying with us need this quiet and stress free environment to eat and hangout. Having visitors can be quite disruptive especially to shy kitties; which is why we limit this to a short time frame in the afternoon. Your understanding is much appreciated.***

*Please note, we reserve the right to update our Service Terms and Conditions at any time. For the safety of our Guests vaccination and flea prevention requirements may be changed updated at anytime to reflect and minimize current risks; guests are required to comply to the updated requirements which maybe different from those on previous paperwork.